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TEDx Talk – First We Save the Children – Jeffery Kirkendall

Sunday, October 8th, 2017, I had the privilege of doing a TEDx Talk at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. It was a milestone event. The young scholars who brought the program to fruition conducted themselves with grace, professionalism, and inspired the same in their speakers.

I hope you will watch this video, then return here with helpful responses. This video is part of a project for the second year of my Ph.D. program at Prescott College. I am studying and working to improve my effectiveness as a Child Rights Advocate.

If you find the message worthy,  please pass it around your sphere of influence.  Use your communication devices,  social medias, mainstream media, even snail-mail.  Share with people . . . 

 First We Save the Children  [YouTube Video]

Many blessings,

Jeffery Kirkendall

Lifeboat Dream

by J. Kirkendall


Four of us, who know each other,

are in a nearly-full lifeboat.

We can carry the weight of two more adults

before we capsize in frigid waters.


Someone desperately asks,

What do we do?


A guy that sounds like me stands up and shouts,



He continues,

If we have to . .

Healthy men get in the water and hold the railing.

One we saved, age 4
One we saved, age 4


Tie a rope to my waist, and

I ‘ll bring back as many as I can.


When I can’t move anymore,

Someone take my place.