Shooting Stars, a poem

by J. Kirkendall

Shooting stars,
A shot in the dark,
A shot of whiskey,
And shoot the moon.

Shoot the breeze,
Shoot the bull,
Shoot the pier,
And shoot a beer.

Shoot in self-defense,
Shoot anything that moves,
Shoot at will,
And shoot to kill.

Shoot some pool,
Shoot some dice,
Shoot your wad,
And a shot in the arm.

Bamboo shoot,
Target shoot,
Movie shoot,
And shoot a slingshot

Shot heard ‘round the world,
Shot through the heart,
A shot at the title,
And a backside full of buckshot . . . Oh, Shoot!!

Shoot clay pigeons,
Shoot a photograph,
Shoot a glance,
And . . shooting stars . .

I love . . shooting stars.

*    *    *     *     *

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