For This We Thank You

To Employer, Co-workers, Family & Friends,

You have made it possible for us to have a home. You have provided honest work and honest pay. With your help, we have warmed our mobile through the winter months and cooled it during the hot summer days. We have each other. We have food, shelter, and clothing. Our dogs and cats are cared for.

You have been with us through years of medical appointments, hospitalizations, prolonged sufferings and life-threatening times. You have cut and carried firewood, cleaned our home, care-taked, replaced roofs, repaired vehicles, loaned equipment, made donations, provided transportation, and taken risks. You have spoken up, reached out, reached in your pockets, made time, made loans, respected, trusted, prayed, encouraged, and shared your talents and resources. You have held us when we cried and joined us in our laughter. You have given countless gifts of worldly and spiritual value.

We are humbled. We are blessed.

We are inspired to do the same for others.

For this we thank you.

Jeff & Carol
Apache Wells, Arizona.


One thought on “For This We Thank You”

  1. Anything we may have done is nothing in comparison to what you have given to us. THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS. WE LOVE YOU.

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