INDIANS & ALIENS and unexpected short stories

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This first book in The Dreamer Series speaks of tribes, coyotes, standing people, a trade circle, a nation of clouds, creepy child abuse, a mother’s rose-like scar, and a whirlwind guitar. There is a close encounter, crying cowboy, slavery survivor, and redneck feminist. Finally aliens invade earth.

Through it all is the uncommon love of Grace and Jack, and as Jack points out to those who forget, “Before there were cowboys, there were Indians.”

May unexpected stories bring you all unexpected blessings

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While working around-the-clock as a caregiver to the love of his life Carol, Jeffery began compiling a portion of his years of fictional writing into The Dreamer Series. Indians & Aliens is the first of that series.

Jeffery draws his fiction from a deep well of personally meaningful pursuits which overlap with considerable professional accomplishments.

For twenty years he has been devoted to the sacred Native American ceremonies and oral traditions he calls the Red Road. Among his red relatives he is known as a dreamer. Sometimes he has pre-cognitive experiences, sometimes retro-cognitive experiences, and sometimes dreams of profound insight.

He welcomes you to this dream.