The Storyteller Story

The writer’s great challenge?  Say the most in the fewest words.    Here is an entry into that contest.


The Storyteller Story

by J. Kirkendall


On a dark and stormy night . . .

I howled to the spirit winds,

Write to live!

Live to write!

. . . Silence . . .

The winds howled back,

Keep the faith!

Storytellers rule!


Dreamer & Sundancer

Dreamer & Sundancer


A Great Marriage Story

by Jeffery Kirkendall

During a time of personal hardship in my life, Dr. Tony Ebarb, my dear friend, spiritual brother, and mentor, told me this story.

Tony’s dear friends, a retired sheriff and his wife, were both going through a series of medical problems. He had a stroke and could not use his limbs well enough to  dress himself. She lost her sight but was physically quite capable of getting around.

They started each day by her going to the bedroom closet, opening it, extending her arm, and pointing into the closet. He would then verbally direct her pointing to the clothing he wanted to wear that morning. She removed the articles of clothing he chose and then helped him get dressed.

They repeated a similar strategy to get her clothes for that day.

In this cooperative fashion, they continued to live a fulfilling life together, finding ways to share their daily routines and intimacies.

These people, whom I have never met, have been an inspiration to me for years.  I thought I should share their story.

May we all be lifted to such gracious living and loving in the face of great challenges.

Many blessings to you all,


Two in Love

Two in Love

Checklist Possiblities

by J. Kirkendall


Say a prayer.

Care for a loved one.

Imagine causes greater than self.

Identify ways to relieve suffering.

Acknowledge someone’s artistry.

Pay attention to nature and wildlife.

Read something non-fiction and something creative.

Remember to laugh.

Pet a dog, cat, and horse too, if possible.

Tell a good story.

Confront an injustice.

Respect ancestors, elders, and someone’s baby.

Encourage the young to grow independent and strong.

Express gratitude to someone helpful.

Do a job with pride.

Learn something new.

Apologize where appropriate.

Write down something to remember.

Leaping with Life

Leaping with Life



get up and . . .

do it again.

Lifeboat Dream

by J. Kirkendall


Four of us, who know each other,

are in a nearly-full lifeboat.

We can carry the weight of two more adults

before we capsize in frigid waters.


Someone desperately asks,

What do we do?


A guy that sounds like me stands up and shouts,



He continues,

If we have to . .

Healthy men get in the water and hold the railing.

One we saved, age 4

One we saved, age 4


Tie a rope to my waist, and

I ‘ll bring back as many as I can.


When I can’t move anymore,

Someone take my place.