Lyrics by Jeff “Reddog” Kirkendall & Dennis “Doc” McCracken

Vocals by Doc McCracken

Reddog & Sundancer
Reddog & Sundancer

Guitar by Bubba Hudson

Recorded by Behind-the-Tack-Shed-Studios, Nashville, TN 2/2/96

Dear Readers & Listeners,

I wrote the foundation of this song when I had been through enough hard times in life to appreciate the fact that facing the truth is not only the-right-thing-to-do, it can also be the most mysterious and exciting.

The song shares the notion that facing the truth and doing the right thing have an intuitive rhythm.  When practiced and done well, you don’t have to think.  You sense the mood, act, and experience the quiet joy of the truth setting you free.

This song came in a dream.  Bubba captures this quality with his truly fine guitar work.  The magic of Doc’s vocals brings the message home.


Replies and Forwardings are greatly appreciated.

Many blessings to you and your relatives this Year 2013,

J. Kirkendall



Come with me; let’s take a ride
      On an Arapaho pony called Dreamer
Wrap tight your legs; let loose the reins
      Open up your eyes to your Redeemer

          Yes, listen to the call of your Redeemer


Come with me, on a starlit night
      Ride to the edge of all you know
Sacred canyons, whispering winds
      Mysteries you’ve yet to know

          There are powers you have yet to know


Come with me, and I will show you
      The light your spirit longs to show
You’ll cry out with passion, and you’ll weep with joy
      To find out who you are, you must surrender

          Yes, to know who you are . . . surrender


Come with me; take a leap of faith
      On this war pony called Dreamer
If you ride with me, I’ll set you free
      I’m what your soul’s been yearning for

          Yes, I am Truth, your Redeemer

               On a pony called Dreamer
                    The truth is your Redeemer
                         The truth of Dreamer