Co-Authoring Adventures

Hello. My name is Jeff. I am a recovering writer. I can’t help myself. I just have to write

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things that I want to remember. Mostly I want to remember the stories. I want to remember what I learned, the people I met, the unusual experiences, and how it all unfolded.

I am regularly amazed and grateful for my life adventures.   I am rich with memories.

Talking about my late wife Carol at the Peregrine Book Company was fantastic. It was like bearing witness, or describing a rare and beautiful phenomenon in nature, or giving a toast to her in front of my peers.

Let me back up.

I belong to the Professional Writers of Prescott. It is an organization and a monthly meeting of local authors, writers, poets, readers, all getting together to share our crafts, learn from each other, and hopefully inspiring one another to keep writing and sending out our messages in a bottle.

Five of us were at the Peregrine Book Company in Prescott Arizona to tell about our Co-authoring Adventures.

Carole Bolinski, who brought us co-authors together, told the audience of her experiences sharing with her brother. Their book of poetry is titled Pearls Beneath The Rind. Bill Lynam told of him and his brother bicycling and mopedding across Europe a decade after World War II. They also “footloosed” their way through South America and back across the United States. His book is Footloose Pilgrims. Connie Johnson engagingly told the story of her and her sister’s collaboration on their book Farm Kids, A 1950’s Wisconsin Memior

Herbert Windolf recalled his precious long-distance relationship with a German woman, whose poetry he translated into English. Herb, an accomplished poet himself, dazzled us all by reading a poem in German and then the same poem in English. His book is The Year Mirrored in Poems.

It was marvelous experience collaborating with these writers, these kindred spirits, holy scribes, keepers of ancient traditions. I had a nice laugh with the audience when I finished my presentation by explaining that I was going to convince my colleagues Carole, Connie, Herb, and Bill to join forces, rent a van, and go on a national book tour of our own.

I know it doesn’t sound that funny the way I describe it now, but it really was cute and everyone in the audience laughed.  As a storyteller and teacher and entertainer long ago, it felt great to be back.

I spoke of my experiences co-authoring the book  Without Consent: How to Overcome Childhood Sexual Abuse with my late wife Carol Jarvis-Kirkendall.  I explained how our writing together was a big part of my decision to marry her. We were great together saving families. easing suffering, and sometimes helping send bad guys to prison. She had my back, and I had hers, and sometimes when people are really good together, one plus one can equal three. Our work has been a healing influence in thousands of lives.

I read my popular story Marriage Decision Vision. (Click here).  I explained that I made a promise to Carol early in our relationship that when she left this world, I would be holding her in my arms. She would know that she was safe and loved and had lived a good life. I told my listeners that I kept my word and that was just how Carol passed.

I thanked everyone there for coming. I thanked Susan Lang for the pleasure of speaking at the Peregrine Book Company. I explained that if anyone in the audience would like to know more about the child on the cover of Without Consent, they needed to read my Indians & Aliens – and unexpected short stories.

I further explained that if they bought both my books that day, I would ride home with them, do a dramatic reading, and stay for dinner.

They laughed. I laughed.

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Met a lot of nice people.

So thank you writers,

and thank you readers.

It was a great day.



Poetic Psych-Quiz

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

by J. Kirkendall

Print and circle choices

Just for fun and discussion, Imagine some wild form of ‘reincarnation’ can happen.
After you die, would you rather come back as ‘A’ or ‘B’ ?


After you die, would you rather come back as . . .

Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe?
Mother Teresa or Marilyn Monroe?

Bill Gates or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
Martin Luther King, Jr. or Martha Stewart?

John F. Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln?
Andrew Jackson or William Jefferson Clinton?

Warren Beatty or Mahatma Ghandi?
Micheal Jordan or Mohammed Ali?

Joan of Arc or Rock Hudson?
Elvis Presley or Benjamin Franklin?

Angelina Jolie or Nelson Mandela?
Richard Ghere or the Dalai Llama?

Rabbi Harold Kushner or John the Baptist?
John Wilkes Booth or Judas Iscariat?


An Indian at the Little Bighorn or an Indian at Wounded Knee?
A child survivor of Hiroshima or a child of Nagasaki?


Discuss your choices with friends and/or, family and/or total strangers.
Make up your own poetic quiz questions and spring them on co-workers in verse.
If sleep and appetite disturbances develop, seek a mental health professional.

Shooting Stars, a poem

by J. Kirkendall

Shooting stars,
A shot in the dark,
A shot of whiskey,
And shoot the moon.

Shoot the breeze,
Shoot the bull,
Shoot the pier,
And shoot a beer.

Shoot in self-defense,
Shoot anything that moves,
Shoot at will,
And shoot to kill.

Shoot some pool,
Shoot some dice,
Shoot your wad,
And a shot in the arm.

Bamboo shoot,
Target shoot,
Movie shoot,
And shoot a slingshot

Shot heard ‘round the world,
Shot through the heart,
A shot at the title,
And a backside full of buckshot . . . Oh, Shoot!!

Shoot clay pigeons,
Shoot a photograph,
Shoot a glance,
And . . shooting stars . .

I love . . shooting stars.

*    *    *     *     *